XRossspace presents the most innovative ART+TECH works from Poland. 

AI emergence from VR

XRossspace is an event space in-between virtual and physical, digital and the natural world. This hybrid, uncertain and constantly evolving space is enabled by new emerging technologies. Cryptic acronyms like VR, AR, AI are often undefined, but what matters is they enable new forms of creation for more engaging storytelling.

The 2024 edition theme is “3RD AI WAKENING”. We are in the middle of “third wave of AI” which most likely end up with development of AGI (Artifical General Intelligence). Whether this will be collective “third eye awakening” or something completely else is what we try to answer with a carefully curated program of VR works, interactive installations, workshops and talks from Polish creators.



ICA London, 14 – 17 March, 2024

online, 14-16 March, 2024

Human and machine creativity 
ICA London, 17 March, 2024





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