Terms & conditions

  1. The competition is organized under the name “XR_ OPENBRUSH Award” and is hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”.
    The organizer of the Competition is Holycircuit LTD with its registered office at: New England Street, New England House, The Fusebox Level 4 BN1 4GH, Brighton in cooperation with the Polish Cultural Institute in London.
  2. The competition will be conducted from February 7, 2024 to March 3, 2024 using an electronic form available at www.XRossspace.com, hereinafter referred to as the “Form”.
  3. The Competition Regulations specify the objectives and rules applicable to persons submitting their works created in VR technology (i.e. Virtual Reality) using the Openbrush application using the Competition Form, as well as the method and form of awarding the prize.
  4. The Organizer supervises the conduct of the Competition.
  5. The winner is selected by the jury.
  6. The competition is not a lottery 
  1. The following people can enter the Competition:
    a) any natural person who independently created and submitted his/her work via the Form;
    b) any artistic collective that has independently created and submitted its work via the Form.
  2. Each person or collective may submit a maximum of two works to the Competition.
  3. The condition for participation in the Competition is the fulfillment of the following conditions:
    a) familiarize yourself with the regulations of the Competition;
    b) meeting the conditions specified in the Competition regulations.
  4. Employees of the Organizer cannot participate in the Competition. The immediate family of the persons mentioned above (i.e. their spouses, children, parents and siblings) cannot also participate in the Competition.
  1. Selection of the most interesting work that presents a unique, innovative, and creative use of Open Brush.
  2. Presenting and promoting ethical, innovative projects created using Open Brush.
  3. Activating people of all ages to create conscious and ethical VR projects that show new possibilities for storytelling and communication via social media.
  1. Applications for the Competition can be made using the Form available at: www.XRossspace.com
  2. Participation in the Competition is voluntary and free of charge.
  3. The submitting person or the submitting collective is obliged to submit a declaration in the Form that he/she is entitled to submit the work and to grant the Organizer the consent specified in the regulations to use the work and accompanying materials in accordance with point §8.
  4. The submitting person or collective declares that it accepts full and unlimited liability for claims made by third parties against the Competitio Organizer in the event of not having the right to submit a work to the Competition or violating the copyrights and/or personal rights of third parties.
  5. Applications for participation in the Competition should be submitted no later than March 3, 2024, 11:59 p.m. (Central European Time).
  6. The works submitted to the Competition are made available to the Organizer free of charge for exhibition purposes during the XRossspace Showcase on 14-17, March 2024 and for promotional purposes.
  7. The organizer reserves the right to extend the exhibition time or change the date of the Showcase.
  8. Once the results are announced, the submitter or collective agrees not to withdraw the work from Showcase.
  9. The Organizer does not bear any costs or expenses related to the participation of a qualified entrant or collective in the Competition.
  1. We accept works that were created after January 1, 2024 and have not been publicly presented before.
  2. Submitted works must be created using the Openbrush application, without the use of any other applications.
  3. The work can be created on any VR headset.
  4. We accept the sketchfab link (direct export from tilbrush), raw data file or FBX object
  1. From the submitted works, the Jury will select one work to receive the “XR_ Open Brush Award”.
  2. The jury reserves the right to award distinctions in addition to the main prize.
  3. The jury will be appointed by the Organizer and its composition will be announced on the website: www.XRossspace.com.
    The Jury’s deliberations are held in secret. The winner will be determined by the highest number of points awarded.
  4. The jury will review the works and evaluate them from 4, March 2024 to 10, March, 2024.
  5. The works will be assessed according to the following criteria:
    a) originality of the idea and execution;
    b) quality of workmanship;
    c) artistic and aesthetic value;
    d) ethicality and inclusiveness of work;
    e) potential for international promotion;
    f) innovative use of VR technology.
  6. The competition results will be announced by March 10, 2024.
  7. The results of the Competition will be announced by e-mail by March 10, 2024, and also posted on the website: www.XRossspace.com.
    The Organizer reserves the right not to provide feedback on why the remaining projects were not selected
  1. The main prize “XR_ Open Brush Award” will be awarded in the form of a financial prize of GBP 200 net (two hundred pounds) and a prize in the form of a presentation of the selected work during the XRossspace Showcase.
  2. The prize is awarded for work, which means that in the case of entries submitted by collectives, the amount of the prize is not multiplied and remains the same as for one creative person.
  3. The winner of the Competition cannot transfer the right to receive the prize to third parties.
  4. Prizes will be paid directly to the account of the winning person or person representing the art collective after the end of the XRosssapce Showcase.
  1. The submitting person or collective grants the Organizer a license to use the work submitted as part of the Competition and to present it to a wide audience as part of the XRossspace Showcase from March 14 to April 14, 2024.
  2. By submitting a work, the submitter or collective consents to the use and storage of basic information about the work for archival and research purposes in our database, even if the submitted work is not selected.
  3. The submitting person or collective grants the Organizer an unlimited license under the following conditions and fields of use:
    a) in all information, promotional and advertising activities related to the Competition and the Organizer’s company, which may include in particular the production and distribution of paper publications (including catalogues) and data carriers containing works, public exhibitions, public shows and presentations, public disclosure on websites Internet and other networks, including mobile telephony, public display, reproduction and broadcasting as well as broadcasting programs, films and presentations about the Competition, publishing in the press in connection with information about the Competition;
    b) for training and museum purposes, including, among others: presentation as part of training and lectures, as well as public exhibition and presentation in exhibition rooms, making available in catalogs and archives, along with the right to use any fragments of the work and make changes to them resulting from the editorial development or necessary from the point of view of the information and promotional purposes of the Competition, in particular to interrupt and compose them, as well as to combine them with other materials;
  4. In addition to providing distribution rights, authors retain full economic and copyright rights to their work.
  1. The administrator of personal data in the Competition is the Organizer.
  2. The person submitting the work consents to the collection and processing of personal data provided in the application form for purposes related to the conduct of the Competition (in accordance with Article 7(1) of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) – GDPR).
  3. The legal basis for data processing is the legitimate interest of the data controller.
  4. Personal data may be made available to entities cooperating with the data controller, if necessary due to the nature of the prize in the Competition, and to entities authorized to receive personal data under applicable law.
  5. Providing data is voluntary, but necessary to issue the prize in the Competition. Personal data will be processed until the prize is issued and then until the limitation period for any claims expires.
  6. The person reporting the work to which the data relates has the right to:
    a) access to your personal data,
    b) their correction, rectification, deletion or limitation of processing,
    c) submit a complaint to the supervisory authority,
    d) object to the processing of data due to a special situation – in cases where the Organizer processes the data of the reporting person on the basis of its legitimate interest.
  1. The T&C enter into force on February 7, 2024 and are valid from the time of publication on the XRossspace Showcase website.
  2. The rules of the Competition are determined exclusively by the Regulations and mandatory provisions of law.
  3. Submitting your work to participate in Showcase is tantamount to accepting the rules of these Regulations.
  4. The Organizer is entitled to change the provisions of these Regulations, provided that this does not worsen the conditions of participation in the Competition. This applies in particular to changes in the dates of individual competition activities and changes to the prize specifications.
  5. The Organizer decides on all matters not covered by these Regulations.
  6. Any disputes arising from the performance of obligations related to the Competition will be resolved by the court competent for the registered office of the Organizer.

14.03 – 17.03.2024